Aging at Home Safely; Safe and Independent Living for Seniors

For today’s seniors, remaining in their own home for as long as possible is a primary goal for living in late adulthood. It is estimated that in the United States over 12 million adults age 65 and older live alone. To accomplish this most older adults rely on support networks of helpers including family, friends, and neighbors. With the help if these networks, older adults can often live at home with some degree of safety and comfort.

Members of an older adult’s support network have the responsibility to help the older adult develop plans for maintaining a safe independent living environment. By having the trust and intimate knowledge of the older adult, members can anticipate potential difficulties and help develop a plan for safely living alone.

In this blog, I will introduce readers to assistive technology devices, communication devices, and minor or major home modifications that can provide an enhanced sense of security for older adults who seek to age in place.